Shameful Foul Ugliness!

Normal people subscribe to Newsweek and Sports Illustrated. I subscribe to the bi-annual crime fiction journal Murdaland, and it just arrived today. The back cover copy already has my heart aflutter:

“Inside find pages of finely crafted, gruesome, original crime fiction and literary noir by a cadre of truly gifted and warped authors.

Adding a much needed element of moral decency to the loathsome proceedings are a savvy bit of reportage from a National Guard officer preparing to deploy to Iraq and a novel excerpt from the acclaimed Jayne Anne Phillips.

Then, alas, it’s back to disease-carrying rodents, smirking crime reporters, loudmouth barroom drunks, young punks in prison, loose women, pathetic excuses for men and just all manner of shameful foul ugliness.”

Jealous? You should be. The cover is a true work of art. If I had a flatbed scanner I’d show you. As it is, you’ll just have to get to your nearest bookstore and check it out.

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