The Return of the Shirt!

Years back I used to produce my own T-shirts as self promotion. Though fun, the project eventually died because it turns out you need stuff to promote first. I turned off the self-promotion and focused on the writing, but ever since I’ve had the nagging urge to provide my fellow readers with better apparel options.

Luckily, I met Mark, an illustrator and T-shirt creator who had dreams of starting another T-shirt company. Together, our ideas have become reality. Introducing Dust Jacket Clothing. Rather than bother with self promotion, these shirts are designed to celebrate great books in a very stylish way. No need to be a frumpy book nerd any more.

OK, “shirts” is a bit misleading at this point, as we have only one design. More are coming, though, and that one design is so splendid we’re pretty confident you should check out the site anyway. Enjoy!