Message from the Future!

I tell my friend in San Fran that talking to her is like talking to someone living in the future. Cali is way ahead of us East coasters. To prove it, check out this amazing literary… thing. Bakersfield, California (wherever the hell that is) not only hosts a slick little website dedicated to cool things in the community, it has also spawned this… thing. Noveltown is a literary review, but it’s also this program of multimedia author promotion, a publishing house, a literary blog, and a community outreach program. I think. Everything about Noveltown intrigues me, partially because I don’t understand it and partially because it combines local energy with a much broader view of literature in today’s world.

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  1. n.l. belardes wrote:

    A “community outreach program” is a great way to talk about us, as well as: “local energy with a much broader view of literature in today’s world.”

    Noveltown has three parts: Media blog, Independent literary press and Literary magazine.

    Although we are growing each part, the Media blog is special because we believe in being the media. So we cover events, news and literary happenings. We blend it all together to expose a more diverse group of potential readers to our Indie literary press.

    Our literary magazine, like the Media blog, is a marketing tool to promote not only Noveltown, but writers, literary blogs and more… It’s a community-building service. And it’s a free magazine, except online. Blame the Post Office there…

    We’re also working with colleges and universities for pages specifically built to empower students. So far we’re working with UCLA, UC Riverside, Rutgers and Cal Poly SLO…

    We hope to start publishing a lot more books… Hopefully that will begin soon as we’ve been getting some outstanding submissions…

    Thanks for writing about us!

    And don’t forget to add us on myspace at

    Posted 01 Jun 2007 at 2:33 pm