Money Matters (also Legos)

My parents raised me pretty well when it came to handling money, which is good since we don’t learn anything about it in school. Let’s consider this, for a moment: 60% of our economy is based on the consumer, our entire country runs on the capitalist system, a system that is concerned with nothing but money, and we don’t teach ANYTHING about money to kids in high school.


So I’m gonna plug a magazine you should check out if you are, like me, not very well educated about money. My roommate gets the Economist, and that’s great if you have all week to read and took a couple economics courses AND remember what you learned. I get a magazine called Brass, which I get because I’ve written a few pieces for them.

Brass’s mission is to educate young people about their money. “Young today, rich tomorrow” is their slogan.  As such, some of the advice and articles is a little simple and common sense. It’s a super light read. Even the long articles are just three or four pages. But Brass explains basic economic concepts in a palatable format. The current issue had a nice piece explaining inflation and deflation. Now I know what demand-pull and cost-push actually mean for when I pick up that Economist and read it.

Also, there was a very well written, funny article on the extravagent, diamond studded gifts rich people give each other, including what could possibly be the best thing ever: for $60,000 dollars you can have a replica of yourself built out of Legos. They never told me about that in school either.

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  1. Robert Cook wrote:

    You wrote “As such, some of the advice and articles is a little simple and common sense,” and you claim to be an English major? I grew up in Arkansas and even I know that that ain’t good English. Of course, you can always blame your genes. Dad

    Posted 29 May 2009 at 1:36 pm