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Upcoming Reading

Some of you know, most of you don’t, sometimes even I wonder: What have I been doing with my life? Lately, I’ve been working on a novel. It’s a novel about doctors. Specifically it’s a novel about doctors who figure that since they’re so good at fixing things, why don’t they start fixing broken hearts. […]

Litquake here I come!

Tomorrow afternoon I leave for San Fransisco for their week long literary festival: Litquake. Among the awesomeness are punk stories, Amy Tan, and James Ellroy. James Ellroy! I love reading James Ellroy’s books, so I am looking forward to realizing that an author that spends his days at a keyboard is not as interesting as […]

Official LIND Schedule: Fall ‘09

Seriously, I’m not sure one schedule can hold all this amazingness: July 26th – I will be reading a previously never-ever-heard-by-anyone story at a new reading series at the Baltimore hostel (Mulbery st. near the main library. Look it up.) 7 pm. Be there! August 24th – I take the GREs and begin my dominance […]

Upcoming Events

High on your list of things to do this July, right after eating crabs and just before watching the Orioles lose (again), should be watching NG spill her middle school guts for all our enjoyment at the Metro Gallery this Thursday (the 9th). The Pratt Contemporaries also have some pretty cool events on the 8th […]

Guess I’ll Have to Get Published on my Own Merit…

Fate, being the woman of questionable virtue that she is, stole away my chance to chauffeur Mr. Junot Diaz from the airport to the City Lit Festival. I will still be at the City Lit Festival, but I will not have a car ride in which to talk about crabcakes with a Pulitzer Prize winner, […]

Free Stuff!

I will be telling a story for the Stoop Storytelling performance on February 9th. Except it’s not quite that simple. The Stoop series picks a theme for each particular night, and on the 9th the theme is breakups. So I will get on stage with my friend Angie, who I dated briefly, to discuss our […]

MC Mike on the mic!

If you are not at Sonar tonight for Metromix’s local artist showcase, you are not my friend. Free passes here:

Lit Crush Coming to Bmore!

I’ve got more than a bit of a literary crush on Junot Diaz. I got to hear him speak in Key West (listen to his awesome talk here) before he won the Pulitzer. We even shared a moment. He was walking out of a restaurant while I was walking in with Melissa. I had on […]

Exultation indeed.

Any of you writer folks, I’d highly recommend you head to University of Baltimore’s Student Center (21 W. Mt. Royal Ave) on Monday the 10th at 7pm. Why? WHY! For the Exultation of Editors. There will be multiple cool/powerful/interesting editors there: Gregg Wilhelm of Apprentice House PLUS Jen Michalski of JMWW PLUS David Dudley of […]

Not Ready!

Only 23 days until race day? Son of a… I better stop writing and start running. The half marathon is full, but if you really want to join me you can sign up for the marathon. The courses line up so I can run with you on the second 13.1 miles. I’m sure you’ll be […]