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Thinking about Typos

I’ve just finished two books that have me thinking hard about the world. Both were non-fiction. The first was The Great Typo Hunt, in which two friends travel the United States correcting typos. The second was Cop in the Hood. Written by a sociologist who worked as a Baltimore City Police officer, Cop in the […]

The Book I Would Write if I was Going to Write a Book about How to Write, Part 3

I’ve always been tempted to put together a writing book that says “Put this down, stop listening to other people, and start writing” on the first page and is otherwise composed of blank pages throughout. Because I can’t imagine that anyone we consider a great writer of the past spent a lot of time listening […]

The Book I Would Write if I was going to Write a Book about how to Write. Part 2.

Scratch that. What I wrote before was a good start, but do I really want to write a book on how to write anyway? Maybe it would make more sense to just write the story of how I became a writer. Sort of half autobiography/half case study. I could talk about how I process-of-eliminationed away […]

The Book I Would Write if I was going to Write a Book about how to Write. Part 1.

I have decided I am going to start a series of hypothetical blog entries detailing the self-help writing book I would create, the way I would organize a publishing company for industry dominance, and how exactly I would teach a college class on writing in order to produce an army of writing minions. These are […]