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No wonder the Inner Harbor smells.

Let me tell you something that blows my mind. In Baltimore, I see teenage kids do this all the time: they walk from the stoop they are sitting on or the bus stop they’re waiting at and deposit their empty soda bottle or candy wrapper in the gutter. It is not the littering that dismantles […]

Poe Would be Proud

For the last 60 years, someone has placed three red roses and a half a bottle of cognac on Edgar Allen Poe’s grave each year on the anniversary of the writer’s birthday. This year, the Poe Toaster didn’t show up. The Sun has an article here. Nobody knows who the toaster was. Nobody knows why […]

So Baltimore it Hurts

I’ve found your new homepage. It’s called Booze and Old Bay. It’s a blog on, and it’s so Baltimore it hurts. Oh yeah, it’s written by me. I’ll be writing twice a week for Booze and Old Bay, detailing the best and worst of Baltimore and my various adventures therewith. It’s gonna be awesome, […]

Hell yeah, Maryland!

So I’m not crazy enough to do NaNoWriMo myself (those people crazy) but I did spend a moment browsing their website and checking out their stats. They measure how many words have been written so far by area. Leading the charge is that den of hip artisticness and style, Seattle. Second is Germany and Austria […]