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Money Matters (also Legos)

My parents raised me pretty well when it came to handling money, which is good since we don’t learn anything about it in school. Let’s consider this, for a moment: 60% of our economy is based on the consumer, our entire country runs on the capitalist system, a system that is concerned with nothing but […]

Shameful Foul Ugliness!

Normal people subscribe to Newsweek and Sports Illustrated. I subscribe to the bi-annual crime fiction journal Murdaland, and it just arrived today. The back cover copy already has my heart aflutter: “Inside find pages of finely crafted, gruesome, original crime fiction and literary noir by a cadre of truly gifted and warped authors. Adding a […]

Misery loves her some company.

This kat knows what’s up! Check out Literary Rejection on Display, a blog of rejection letters various writers have recieved. I’m about to immediately dig through my rejection letters and find the really juicy ones to post there. It almost makes you wish you got rejected in more spectacular ways, really.

Message from the Future!

I tell my friend in San Fran that talking to her is like talking to someone living in the future. Cali is way ahead of us East coasters. To prove it, check out this amazing literary… thing. Bakersfield, California (wherever the hell that is) not only hosts a slick little website dedicated to cool things […]


Zines and literary journals are like the Baltimore Orioles. You want to love them, but it’s hard to do so. Like the Orioles, they’re usually miserably bad, and not even bad in interesting or dramatic ways, like the Mets used to be bad, but bad in the most boring and unintriguing of ways. Then the […]