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A Newly Wealthy Word of the Day

It’s been a long, long time since I posted a word of the day. Perhaps that’s because I haven’t been posting as much here (instead spending my time here). However, I should have one or two posts on things various and interesting and exciting coming up, so here’s a bit of vocabulary to warm you […]

Buzzword of the Day

Buzzwords are like the common cold: they’re highly contagious, annoying, and poorly understood by most people. So when I began to hear people using the word scalable I decided to investigate. Many dark alleys, femme fatales, and gunfights later, I woke up from my daydream about being a private eye and decided to look in […]

A Black or White Phrase of the Day

Sometimes words demand to be learned. Lately every article I read and book I pick up contains the term zero-sum, and every time I blip over it, inserting the concept “buzz-word.” “It turns out diplomacy in the Cold War era was never the zero-sum game we all assumed”. Substitute “buzz-word” and proceed. Or look it […]

Sexually Specific Words of the Day

My recent engagery had me wondering: how does one spell fiancee? I was spelling it with two “e”s, while others were spelling it with one. (This ignores the crucial accent over the first “e”, which I, like the designers of HTML, unfortunately leave out here). Well it turns out, finace/e is one of the few […]

An Expertly Appraised Word of the Day

To vet a plan, animal, or person is to subject that plan, animal or person to expert appraisal or correction, which is exactly what I did to my own preconception of what the term vet meant. It turns out that I had used it correctly. That is, in my notes I had written to myself: […]

A Word of the Day for Holiday Use

I ran into this word during my read of Demian, which itself is a steep slog up philosophy hill, but fascinatingly deep so far. Avuncular – Of or relating to an uncle.  Suggestive of an uncle especially in kindness or geniality. From the Latin,  natch. Example: His avuncular way of pulling quarters from behind people’s […]

Page of Words of the Day

I wrote the line “gave a wan smile” yesterday and, realizing that I wasn’t sure what wan meant, flew to the arms of Webster like a teenage girl flying to the arms of her loving vampire, or werewolf, or whatever violent nocturnal creature it is currently OK to encourage our young girls to snuggle with. […]

Line Item Word of the Day

Also in news: I’ve begun grant writing. (What’s that? You need a grant written? Well, do let me know!) In my efforts to understand the arcane arts that apply to grant writing, I’ve begun reading about budgets and have discovered this delightful etymological morsel: Budget is from the middle French bougette, which is the diminutive […]

A Poorly put Together Word of the Day

Happy belated Memorial Day! Did we have fun working all weekend and eking out exhausted attempts at fiction in a our few hours off? No? Was that just me? Have begun Lolita, which has forced me to keep my dictionary ready in my holster for quick reference. Today’s vocabularial speed bump was incondite. Incondite – […]

Not Dead, Only Concussed

I have been recovering of late from Not-Getting-Into-Any-MFA-Program-Anywhere, a disease unfortunately on the rise despite assurances from the CDC. I shall not belabor your patience with a detailed description of the gruesome symptoms, as sick people are usually wont to do, but instead shall leave you with two neat-o technical terms for novel plotting: energeic […]