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Good thing my Novel is all about Guys…

I’ve just spent the last hour researching agents. First I judge them, then they judge me. So far I’ve come across a wide range of professionalism and all kinds of different attitudes, but have yet to come across a single agent asking for anything that sounds like Flying Wingman. In fact, at least half the […]

This Is What I Do

I’ve gotten used to rejection. For the past eight years I’ve made it a habit to always have a story out in the world seeking publication. By January 11th of this year I’d gotten so used to the rejection letters that when I saw the email from Wordriot, I got as worked up as I […]

New Christmas List

I don’t think these would be unreasonable Christmas presents, do you? Wingman goes out in a few hours today. You’ll be glad to know that first editions of Flying Wingman are still free.


Linds said last night, “Wingman reminds me of film noir.” As well it should. She compared the quick, snappy dialogue in my stories to that in film noir and the detective novels that birthed the film noir genre. I wrote here about the debt I owe to Raymond Chandler, but I neglected to mention how […]

My Qualifications for this Post Include Drinking too much Beer

I’ve read a few reviews of Guyland, but Newsweek’s has by far been the most disturbing. Guyland is a book by Michael Kimmel that discusses how 20-something American men are delaying the transition into adulthood. Kimmel uses three criteria to measure adulthood; finding a partner, starting work, and fathering a child. In 1960, almost 70% […]

My Guardian Slumming Angel

In reading Raymond Chandler’s The Little Sister I’ve begun to realize what a debt I owe to Chandler in the creation of my character Jace Miller. Philip Marlowe is the name of Chandler’s tough private investigator in his novels. I consciously made an effort to make Jace Miller into the Philip Marlowe of the singles’ […]

Hello, Professor Future.

This morning, at the un-collegiate hour of 8AM, I had the opportunity to talk to a class of Freshman English 101 students at the University of Maryland about my own story, Flying Wingman. The teacher, a friend of mine, had assigned them my story because she thought it was a good demonstration of using personal […]


The new Wingman is up, which brings me to an oft talked about topic: the portrayal of women in my stories. There’s a good amount of misogyny in these stories, and guess what? I know. I didn’t put it there because I agree with it, kids, it’s there because that’s what I see. “Heartless bitches” […]

New Wingman!

So did you notice the new hotness, aka Flying Wingman’s new webpage? I’ve just posted the latest episode there, so get on over and enjoy. I always forget to do this, but be warned: there’s sex and drugs and stuff in my stories. In particular, there’s a sex scene in this one, the only real […]

Too many exclamation points!

You want to see some style? I’ve got some style for you. The better-than-ever series Flying Wingman now has a better-than-ever home, styled by webdesigner Sean O’Connor. (or click the link to the upper right of this page. Such convenience!) See, it looks like a bar! That’s where my stories take place! Brilliant! Go […]