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The Post Office

I’ve always liked the post office, and now I do even more:

Vegetarianism: Getting at the Meat of the Book.

I posted this originally at my other blog,, but since it’s a book review of sorts I thought I’d re-post here. Anyone that’s been intrigued by our recent mission might want to check out Vegetarianism, by Colin Spencer. It’s a comprehensive history of the non-meat diet. I really enjoyed his discussion of our early […]


The newspaper articles that Joe had read about the upcoming Senate investigation into comic books always cited “escapism” among the litany of injurious consequences of their reading, and dwelled on the pernicious effect, on young minds, of satisfying the desire to escape. As if there could be any more noble or necessary service in life. […]

Thinking about Typos

I’ve just finished two books that have me thinking hard about the world. Both were non-fiction. The first was The Great Typo Hunt, in which two friends travel the United States correcting typos. The second was Cop in the Hood. Written by a sociologist who worked as a Baltimore City Police officer, Cop in the […]


I write ad copy for a pretty cool company. I’m encouraged to be creative and it is, for the most part, fun. However, my word-geek does occasionally revolt, most often at the nauseating contradiction “saving while spending.” You cannot save while spending. They are mutually exclusive. That is like saying you ate while vomiting. This […]

The Blank Page! Horrors!

I’ve been doing some professional development lately since it’s a slow time in grant writing, and while reading a grant writing book came across a brief discussion about how to deal with fear of the blank page. The book suggests creating an outline to deal with “that dread of the blank page that we all […]

TV = Unhappiness

I am anti-television. I’m flat-out biased against it, which is why I’m always looking for science to back me up. While reading Focus magazine today I found this: watching television is the only activity happy people do less than unhappy people.  This information came from a 2008 study from none other than my old alma […]

Get a little more Protein in your Vocabulary

There are weeks I feel like I ought to have a food blog. Maybe I’m just jealous, as my buddy Tim started one that looks like it’s going to develop into a great one at Cynical Skillet. Also, there are so many food topics to write about. Also, food is delicious! Luckily, my latest food […]

QED: I will be famous and rich

I don’t read many book blogs anymore, but I do read Publisher’s Lunch pretty regularly, and today the news was about Barry Eisler turning down a half a million dollar deal and Amanda Hocking about to get a million dollar deal. My question: who are these people? I’ve never heard of them! But that’s a […]

Non-smoking Still Preferred

Did you know that in some modern hotels you now have a choice of pillow? You may select from foam or feather. This was not what I intended to write about, but it is what is fascinating me now. Why do we require pillow options? Hotel staff are also militant about giving you new towels. […]