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Rough Draft Mission, Week Three

First, if you like doughnuts and or NYC. Now, on to less sugary/scientifically rigourous pursuits. Week three of my rough draft mission was a disaster. Here are the details: Monday: 3.5 hours. Lots of reading and brainstorming in order to get back into the flow. Tuesday: Complete burnout day. Zero accomplishments (in writing, or in […]

It Takes a Long Time Just to Get to the Trailhead

Bowling Green’s Creative Writing department uses the graduate school as their hatchet men. My official rejection came yesterday, a month and a half after the other schools. The letter says, “we have been advised by the department that your request for admission has been denied.” Also, the class Lindsay and I planned to teach has […]

Europe Pictures, Part 5

My final post of pictures from Europe-town. The city: Zurich. Pretty: Is that lady wearing a bathrobe in a public park? Yes indeed, but it’s not because she’s crazy. It’s because she’s getting married. One of her bachelorette party challenges was to kiss a ton of man, which turned out to include Doug and I. […]

Europe Pictures, Part 4

Munich! What did we do in Munich? Drink beer. See historic sites, that’s what! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… terribly overrated. It turns out that watching people watch the Glockenspiel is much more fun than watching the Glockenspiel. Definitely click on this image for a closer view. Socialized medicine isn’t the reason everyone […]

Europe Pictures, Part 3

Ah, Berlin. Our Berlin experience began with us disembarking from the train to Doug’s insistence that he knew where he was going. Did he have a map? No. A street number? No. Did he know which side of the metro station to exit? No. The hostel is big and tomato red, he said. This is […]

Europe Pictures, Part 2

Part two of our trip was Brussles! Home of beer. Also a small peeing statue, the picture of which I did not include because who cares? Much better a picture from a television show we watched. This is one of the judges on a reality home cooking show of some sort. We decided his glasses […]

Litquake recap

Litquake is an amazing festival, but it’s not so entirely new you couldn’t do it elsewhere. The week long literary festival contains lots of great readings and panel discussions, of the sort any well managed literary festival might. Most of the litquake events were at night, so that those working during the week could attend. […]


I’ve returned from Europe and (mostly) dug myself out of the monumental mound of bills and email correspondence that awaited my return like a hungry, slavering wolf waiting for a helpless foal. Speaking of foal, there was a filet of foal on the menu in Switzerland at a restaurant we passed. Despite my propensity to […]

Off I go!

I’m off to Europe in just three days. Those who want to follow along on my trip should keep tabs on me at the Europe on Five Bad Ideas a Day blog, as I won’t be posting too much here. See you when I get back! p.s. My sidebar doesn’t seem to be working quite […]

Europe, specifically

A few have asked where exactly in Europe I am going to be. Specifically: Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Munich and Zurich, probably in that order. Also, spots are filling up, but teaching positions are still open for my real writer’s teaching curriculum.