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QED: I will be famous and rich

I don’t read many book blogs anymore, but I do read Publisher’s Lunch pretty regularly, and today the news was about Barry Eisler turning down a half a million dollar deal and Amanda Hocking about to get a million dollar deal. My question: who are these people? I’ve never heard of them! But that’s a […]

Litquake recap

Litquake is an amazing festival, but it’s not so entirely new you couldn’t do it elsewhere. The week long literary festival contains lots of great readings and panel discussions, of the sort any well managed literary festival might. Most of the litquake events were at night, so that those working during the week could attend. […]

Full Disclosure: of my Greatness!

What a ridiculous title for a blog post. I should have my blogger status revoked. Or maybe I’ll just be fined, like bloggers now supposedly will be if they do not fully disclose deals or endorsements or free items received, as journalists are supposed to. That’s what Publisher’s Lunch is saying the FTC is saying. […]


I’ve returned from Europe and (mostly) dug myself out of the monumental mound of bills and email correspondence that awaited my return like a hungry, slavering wolf waiting for a helpless foal. Speaking of foal, there was a filet of foal on the menu in Switzerland at a restaurant we passed. Despite my propensity to […]

I Don’t Do it Because it’s Healthy

Two days ago Nathan Bransford wrote in his blog about how people use writing as the defining part of their identity. He questioned whether this was healthy, and said that he seemed to see a correlation between people who defined themselves as writers and people who acted like idiots and were obnoxious to agents. These […]

Good thing my Novel is all about Guys…

I’ve just spent the last hour researching agents. First I judge them, then they judge me. So far I’ve come across a wide range of professionalism and all kinds of different attitudes, but have yet to come across a single agent asking for anything that sounds like Flying Wingman. In fact, at least half the […]

I get Classy

I’m currently taking two writing classes through Johns Hopkin’s Odyssey program. I took an Odyssey class last year and the two this year confirm that the program in general is phenomenal, affordable, and fun. So go get smarter. The class I’ve been in longest is on Flash Fiction, and is taught by Christine Stewart. She […]

I Wish We Could Organize our Alcoholism

Spent most of the day at the City Lit Festival. It’s both fun to see all the people I recognize from other literary events and also discouraging to know that Baltimore’s literary scene is so small. Then again, any given scene in Baltimore is a small one. Junot Diaz was as entertaining as I expected […]

Literary Sugar Mama

It’s good to have friends in the publishing industry. This girl just sent me one of her frequent care packages, full of the sort of things I need to survive. Namely: Blood and Circumstance by Frank Turner Hollon Machine by Peter Adolphson Life is a Strange Place by Frank Turner Hollon and The Contortionist’s Handbook […]

How Much do 15 Year-old Girls Know about Drinking?

I have made it. I got my first biting critique comment this morning. It’s full of name calling, including the unimaginative man’s nuclear option, the accusation of homosexuality. John was reaching for the stars on this one. Though this isn’t quite as fun as being hacked (oh yeah, I’ve been hacked too) I do enjoy […]