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Almost as good as what he said about TV

You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance. — Ray Bradbury

Finding the Indies

In addition to pitching to agents I want to pitch to the many independent book publishers that I know are out there. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to search for them online. is my go-to for agent database searches. Anyone know a website that does the same for publishing houses?

Submitting your First Novel

Submitting your first novel to agents and publishers is like walking to the front door with your first born child in your hands. Outside the door are ravenous wolves, howling for fresh meat. “Well,” you think, “wolves need to eat too,” and out you toss your child. The upside is that one in twenty of […]

I Don’t Do it Because it’s Healthy

Two days ago Nathan Bransford wrote in his blog about how people use writing as the defining part of their identity. He questioned whether this was healthy, and said that he seemed to see a correlation between people who defined themselves as writers and people who acted like idiots and were obnoxious to agents. These […]

And I Thought I Lacked Focus…

Publisher’s Lunch yesterday had something about a new nonfiction trade publisher called The Experiment that’s just launched. They focus on health, nutrition, fitness, psychology, relationships, self-help, parenting, sexuality, science, and the environment. How can you focus on 10 different topics? That’s not focus. The only non-fiction they’ve ruled out is biography and history. Are publishers […]

LIND Publishing Part 2

Dreary economic reports are hard to wish away since neither I nor anyone else knows how to fix things. All we can do is report to ourselves how tough things are. The sky-is-falling articles (Here’s 1.) about the publishing industry, however, wear a little thin since everyone knows what needs to be fixed. Among other […]

This Is What I Do

I’ve gotten used to rejection. For the past eight years I’ve made it a habit to always have a story out in the world seeking publication. By January 11th of this year I’d gotten so used to the rejection letters that when I saw the email from Wordriot, I got as worked up as I […]

LIND Publishing, Part 1

Publishing had a high enough opinion of its own worth to appropriate the “black + day of the week” method of naming for its Waterloo-like exemplar of its recent decline. If you don’t know, Black Wednesday was a day a few weeks ago when the big publishing companies jettisoned staff like a Bostoner ridding himself […]