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Retrograde Cross Explained

Today, as per a suggestion in The I Ching for Writers, I tried to write a sestina. A sestina is a poem of seven stanzas. The first six stanzas are of six lines each. The first stanza sets the end-words. Each end-word then has to be used to end a certain line in the next […]

How Much do 15 Year-old Girls Know about Drinking?

I have made it. I got my first biting critique comment this morning. It’s full of name calling, including the unimaginative man’s nuclear option, the accusation of homosexuality. John was reaching for the stars on this one. Though this isn’t quite as fun as being hacked (oh yeah, I’ve been hacked too) I do enjoy […]

Who’s Afraid of February 14th Anyway?

I haven’t posted in a few days because I’m waiting for some sites I’ve been involved with to post so that I can link to them. That’s right, I’m passing the buck. In the meantime, here is a Valentine’s Day poem for you all to enjoy. Yah love! Love/Hate #3 All the boys after me […]

Love Poem 11

You’re gone all the time, but damn, even your absence is pretty.

Love Poem 1

Just so you  know, When they cut me wide to solve this problem, remove my liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys too, they’ll come looking for my heart. Guard your chest. I put it there one night for safekeeping