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Year Old Flash

I prepped a story for the Pratt Contemporaries’ upcoming fiction contest without checking the word count. Rookie mistake. So, I’ve now set aside my 3000-words-over-the-limit story and have begun looking back through my old flash pieces for something briefer. I thought you all might like this little one: Sue graduated high school at sixteen and […]

I Heart You

Many thanks to those that came out to my reading last night. It has been regarded in the foreign and domestic media as a resounding success. There was, however, one complaint. I wore a natty outfit of tie and vest, and apparently my dapper look was so popular as to be distracting. I never realized […]

Guess I’ll Have to Get Published on my Own Merit…

Fate, being the woman of questionable virtue that she is, stole away my chance to chauffeur Mr. Junot Diaz from the airport to the City Lit Festival. I will still be at the City Lit Festival, but I will not have a car ride in which to talk about crabcakes with a Pulitzer Prize winner, […]

So Baltimore it Hurts

I’ve found your new homepage. It’s called Booze and Old Bay. It’s a blog on, and it’s so Baltimore it hurts. Oh yeah, it’s written by me. I’ll be writing twice a week for Booze and Old Bay, detailing the best and worst of Baltimore and my various adventures therewith. It’s gonna be awesome, […]

I Conquer Fort Ave

In case you haven’t been stalking me like you should be, I just wanted to let you all know that I still write pretty frequently for Metromix. My latest mission was to tackle Fort Avenue. All of it. Pray for my liver. Here’s the link:

I’m all Over this Town

My Latin Loves story, in addition to appearing in Metromix, is in the new “b” magazine/daily that the Baltimore Sun is putting out. Pick one up today. Learn where to eat Latin food in Baltimore. Pick out the grammatical errors or find points of contention! ps – yeah, that’s my rugby buddy/real estate agent Greg […]

The Full Emotional Monty

You will laugh. You will cry. In all reality, you may do both when you read this. It is a story about laughably inane romantic heartbreak and the painful life events that can truly break our hearts. Now, for the first time, you can read my self published manual, How To Survive Heartbreak in its […]

Christmas Flames

New fiction! I just sent this heartwarmingly bizarre Christmas tale out over my mailing list, but in order not to deprive the random users of the interweb (including Natasha Yi who has spam commented the hell out of me lately in order to promote her grammatically atrocious website), I will post it here. ├é┬áChristmas Flames […]

The Return of Kyrgyzstan!

The adventurers at have published my tales of my yurtstay in Kyrgyzstan, so for all of you who haven’t heard enough details of the trip, log on and check it out. Here’s the direct link: Kyrgyzstan Yurtstay!

Pirates, K-stan, etc.

I toured Clipper City’s brewery last night in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day. You can check out my article and pictures of me and pirate wenches here. So I’m selling some words, which is excellent. GoNOMAD travel wants to buy an article on Kyrgyzstan, so that means I need to write one. […]