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The Return of the Shirt!

Years back I used to produce my own T-shirts as self promotion. Though fun, the project eventually died because it turns out you need stuff to promote first. I turned off the self-promotion and focused on the writing, but ever since I’ve had the nagging urge to provide my fellow readers with better apparel options. […]

Fortune Cookie

My fortune cookie last night had this to say to me: “Writing is a craft not an art” Well, don’t you know a lot about writing, you cheap Chinese food give away.

Where have I been all your life?

Judging by the lack of posts here lately the title of my dear blog may seem a bit inaccurate, but I promise you it is not so. Literature continues. Check out my favorite books, listed to the right. Quite a few are recent. As for me, recently I have been busy with that distraction they […]

Quick Question:

How is it that all kids everywhere play the “floor is lava” game? What primal source inspires all children to leap around the house and toss islands of pillows into the center of the floor in order that they can transport themselves without touching the obviously molten floorboards beneath? Where did we all get this […]

I still like yelling “O” in the middle of the Star Spangled Banner

I finally realized why exactly I dislike this new trend of singing America the Beautiful at ball parks. First: it lowers the significance of, and in some way disrespects, our national anthem to stand up and take our hats off for another song. Secondly: no other country in the world needs to pause their sporting […]


I came up with this idea myself for a science fiction story I was working on, except I didn’t have any of the functional details. I just assumed it would work somehow. Turns out it can! Amazing.

Robot Butlers are Lame

Yeah yeah yeah, it’s been forever. Sue me. I recently became very disappointed with science fiction writers when I read an article on robots learning language to describe their spatial surroundings. The article (a short, non-fiction one in Discover magazine) ended by saying that robots learning to build their own spatial awareness could be the […]

Bits from Books

There is some rhyme to the spelling of English words, though I find it hard to believe whenever I try to spell “rhyme” itself. The Great Typo Hunt informed me that double consonants make the preceding vowel short.  Hence scallions. Hence occasions. The double consonant means it’s NOT pronounced scale-ions, and the long “a” in […]

The Literary Ludacris

The Literary Ludacris

Food Writing

If you eat, or know someone who does, you should check out my food writing, which is now appearing once a week or so at It is delicious.